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Blossom & Bloom
Therapy Preschool

Garden State Academy's Blossom and Bloom Therapy program offers an inclusive, therapy intensive preschool program open to children ages 2-5 in need of extra support to meet goals and developmental milestones in an educational setting. (Private therapy sessions are also available for ages newborn through high school.)

Child in Air Yoga
Speech Therapist
Art Class

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy provides individualized therapeutic activities through hands on play based learning sessions. Individual treatment plans develop and strengthen skills to facilitate and enhance a child's participation in daily experiences such as play, school, self care, feeding and home and family interactions. Therapists provide guidance to caretakers to transition therapy skills to everyday activities and situations.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy uses techniques to improve communication including articulation, language, and pragmatics. Therapy services will focus on increasing receptive and expressive language as well as social interaction.

Pediatric Behavioral Therapy

Pediatric Behavior Therapy looks closely at behavioral concerns that students may demonstrate in order to properly identify the cause of such behaviors and create a plan to support the students progress. Therapists focus on identifying and teaching tools that assist the child in regulating their emotions and expressing their needs. In providing a structured plan for teachers and families to follow, it sets the child up for success during their daily routine. Therapeutic supports may include 1:1 or shared aides in order for students to safely and successfully navigate through the school day.

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