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Little Sprouts
Infants, Toddlers & Early Preschool

Introducing Garden State Academy's Little Sprouts and Early Preschool Program: Where nurturing begins at just 6 weeks old. Entrust your little ones to our Master level teachers, celebrated as Child Development Specialists, ensuring that every crucial step in their early development is met with expertise and care. Experience the steadfast commitment of the GSA program. Begin their journey with the best.

Happy Turtle

Climbing the

Ladder of Learning: Our Unique Approach

At Garden State Academy, learning is akin to ascending a ladder, with each discipline serving as a step towards holistic development. We believe children thrive when lessons are drawn from tangible, real-life experiences. Instead of mere rote memorization, we emphasize experiential learning and analytic thinking, allowing children the freedom to progress at their individual pace or within small group settings. Our educational ethos, drawing inspiration from both Maria Montessori and the Reggio Emilia approach, ensures each child receives tailored, developmentally apt instruction.

Unleashing Maestros & Masterpieces: The GSA Arts Experience

Central to our curriculum at Garden State Academy is our vibrant Arts program, where natural creativity flourishes. We prioritize open-ended process art, equipping students with diverse materials to spark their imagination. As they craft, they not only hone motor and cognitive skills but also express themselves uniquely. We proudly showcase their art and insights school-wide. Moreover, our daily Music Together initiative introduces children to a world of melodies and rhythms, promoting comprehensive developmental growth. At GSA, we're not just teaching – we're crafting future artists and musicians.

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