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Our Programs

At Garden State Academy, we utilize Creative Curriculum; an interactive teaching method. Our program focuses on a series of disciplines that build upon one another, much like a ladder. Children excel at learning when taught using real life experiences, and better retain knowledge through personal experience and analytic thinking rather than memorization. We provide children with an opportunity to work at their own pace as well as in small groups, while emphasizing differentiated instruction. Developmentally appropriate practices are inspired from Maria Montessori and the Reggio Emilia approach.

Our teachers constantly refine the classroom environment to enhance learning. Our school focuses on a variety of calm and comfortable spaces, such as art center, block center, dramatic play area, science and technology, sensory area, writing center, literacy center, social studies and more. These areas can be viewed under the "Our School" page.

Preschool of the Arts & Kindergarten

Galloway Only*

  • State certified, Master teachers in preschool-3rd grade

  • Master Montessori teacher

  • Montessori teacher training program

  • Outdoor classroom & garden

  • Health & wellness & yoga

  • Spanish

  • Small Group Sizes  

  • Music & Art Programs

  • Gardening & Composting

  • All Subject Areas

  • Creative Curriculum

  • Extra-Curricular Activities​


The Arts and Music Programs

At the heart of our curriculum is our Arts program. Children are naturally creative and derive much pleasure from involvement from the Arts. Throughout the school year, our little artists will engage in open-ended process art. Students will be taught how to use all different types of materials. Our teachers encourage students to explore and create with these materials, without an expected outcome. 

The art room is always stocked with a wide range of mediums, art utensils, and materials giving children the freedom to learn and create through exploration. During each session, teachers observe the children to see which area stimulates students the most, and these observations are used for future planning of each individual student. 

While the children are engaging in creating masterpieces, they are also developing gross/fine motor skills, language skills, math concepts, and early reading skills. At Garden State Academy, we celebrate the children's creativity by promoting their little masterpieces on display throughout our school, accompanied with documentations on students thoughts on each piece. 

The Arts continue through music and movement at Garden State Academy. Children will engage in the Music Together program daily. Research shows that musical activities play a powerful role in a child's development. During the program, children are introduced to singing, musical instruments, and music of various genres, including traditional, folk and classical. Children will also improve literacy and language development through this curriculum.


The Health & Wellness Program

Leading a healthy and happy life is important, which is why Garden State Academy teaches a clean lifestyle. Health, nutrition, and wellness are all integrated into our curriculum through hands-on lessons, cooking, gardening, yoga and exercise. 

Children learn the benefits of eating healthy, growing and selecting healthy foods, staying fit and making the right choices; all through active engagement. Twice per week, our teachers and students create a snack where children learn about different foods and following recipes. They also take part in making and trying new and healthy foods. Right here in our own backyard, is a beautiful garden created by our teachers and the children. Studies show, children are more likely to have interest in eating foods they have personally grown. In our gardening component, children learn how to plant, nurture, and harvest our garden. Additionally, those foods are used in our school by the students to create healthy snacks. 

The final element of our health and wellness program is incorporated through yoga and exercise. At Garden State Academy, we use yoga as a daily outlet for calm and enjoyable physical activities, lead by a certified yoga instructor.

Little Sprouts - Infant and Toddler Program

The infants and toddlers will be guided by Master level teachers that are deemed Child Development Specialists.  The integrity of the GSA program will continue to hold true and begin as young as 6 weeks old.

Currently only available in Galloway. Coming to EHT in 2022.

Blossom and Bloom - Therapy School

The Therapy preschool center will be open to children with a developmental delay, or those children in need of extra support to meet goals.  This program will allow children to work closely with licensed therapists and highly educated staff to meet milestones that will help transition to traditional school settings.  

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