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Enrollment Information


Garden State Academy encourages parents and children to make an appointment to tour and visit our school facility. During this time, families can meet with the administrators and teachers, and receive answers to questions. Upon making the decision to enroll, please follow these steps.

1) Meet with the Director

2) Complete all forms in the enrollment packet

3) Submit a current physical examination and immunization record completed by a physician

4) Pay the registration fee and deposit.

Garden State Academy accepts enrollment on a first come, first serve basis and does not discriminate on the basis of family, heritage, religion, nationality, marital status, or political beliefs. Children with special needs will be accepted into the program when it is determined that Garden State Academy can best serve the child in our environment. In many instances, having a special needs child is enriching for all children involved by helping them to learn more about "friends with special needs". However, please note Garden State Academy is not a special needs school.

Enrollment Application

Please fill out the application in-full to the best of your ability in order to expedite response times, please remember that filling out an application online does not guarantee enrollment. 

Thank you for your application. A staff member will review your submission and contact you in a couple days.

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