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Atlantic County's Premier Preschool Of The Arts & Kindergarten Facilities.

Students will experience a cross curricular education which includes the Arts at the heart of our program. Our parents, teachers, and students all work together to reach one goal; educate the minds of the future.

Image by Aaron Burden

A home away from home for children to learn & grow.

Our warm atmosphere is welcoming to children as they engage in a friendly space. Research and experience address the need for the young children to engage in "best practices" that differentiates instruction and are developmentally appropriate. This means that as teachers we need to observe how the child learns best and then create a learning environment that meets his or her needs. We support the child by asking open ended questions that prompt higher level thinking. A network of communication exists between children, parents and teachers at Garden State Academy Preschool of the Arts.

These three units work together to create a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and co construction of knowledge working towards a common purpose to provide each child an opportunity to engage in new experiences within a logical and meaningful context.  

The teaching staff at Garden State Academy are keen observers, documenters, and partners in the learning process.

This allows children to ask their own questions, and generate and test their own hypothesis.  Children also have the opportunity to explore and generate many possibilities, communicate their ideas to others and revisit the opportunity to organize their concepts, ideas and thoughts to construct new meaning. Garden State Academy is a step above the rest. The teacher to student ratio is 6:1, and all teachers are master level teachers with extensive knowledge in child development.  At Garden State Academy, we take our inspiration from Maria Montessori as well as the Reggio Emilia approach, and we follow Creative Curriculum. 

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